Studio Irida by Marleen


Marleen is a 30-something artist from the Netherlands. She started drawing at a very young age. To her it has always been a form of expression and procession.
Around the 2010’s, she started to discover working with digital assets and programmes like Photoshop and Illustrator.
The endless possibilities were (and still are) one big playground.

In 2022 she bought an IPad and also started to use Procreate. Combining her art and different kind of styles,
experimenting with different brushes and textures and going crazy with color is what she loves to do most. Her works are feminine and bold.

When she discovered the NFT space back in 2021 she was immediately drawn to the community feeling of it,
all those skilled and creative people from all over the world who are in something new together is the best thing that happened to her in years.
It was also the start of a succesfull Web3 career: she released multiple collections and over 80 pieces. All of them were sold on primary market.

Because of that and the huge love for the space, she teamed up with a great Dev and deciced to go big with releasing a PFP project.
This is where “Crazy Sassy Exes” was born – a PFP collection with traits from both herself as well as 16 guest artists. The collection contains 3333 NFTs.
This project combines 1/1 art with a PFP collection and therefore it is unique within the NFT space.

In 2022 Marleen spoke at NFT London about NFT marketing and how to be a 1/1 artist in the NFT space. She is involved with several NFT communities and collectives.

Pop culture, Japanese magazines, Music, 90’s Movies, colors in nature, retro era’s

Continue to work in Web3, continue to build on the Studio Irida brand, collaborate more, be a motivator to others.